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The DEI Collective aims to be the pioneer of pedagogical resources and training to make Malaysian classrooms more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

By equipping and empowering educators as champions of more inclusive classrooms, the DEI Collective will create safer and more conducive education environments for students of all backgrounds.

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Students lack access to inclusive and quality education in diverse classrooms. We know that exclusion by teachers hurts academic achievement and leads to student demotivation. Perceived teacher discrimination is connected to mental health struggles like depression and anxiety, behaviour risks like suicide, substance use and social isolation. Meanwhile, peer exclusion towards youths can lead to depression, delinquency and low motivation in school.


No organisation has comprehensively equipped teachers to deal with identity-based issues despite Malaysia’s pride as a multicultural nation

Our curriculum has not achieved its potential to be one that reflects the vast diversity of Malaysia, often times only touching surface understanding of different cultures and people. 27% of Malaysians in AOD’s national survey reported having experienced exclusion by teachers. In short, teacher training does little to equip educators in navigating a diverse classroom.

“When thinking about inclusivity - resources and access to resources - are we making it accessible for students to learn despite their abilities?” 

- Teacher Nadia

Using DEI for better education

The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion allows for each student, regardless of who they are, to be understood and respected and have access to quality education, gives way to equitable opportunities, and ensures justice and fairness for all students. Using these principles as a lens, we are empowering teachers to create a DEI culture in their classrooms, through access to resources, tools and training. With DEI in place, students will feel more included, safe and represented in the classrooms.

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Would you like to partner with us to expand resources and trainings for teachers across Malaysia? Get in touch with us here.

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