Short Course 2018: Report

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The difficulties that I face in the comparison between race and religion is that people sometimes stereotype the humans with a specific race which have a definite religion. For instance, I noticed that Malay people are stereotyped in having an Islam religion. To be honest, I would sometimes think that way. Changing this perspective would be difficult for me due to my influences. However, this AoD has changed me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. My opinion on race and religion are completely different now. My identity is a vast variety of attributes that I barely know of.

Ian Chang (Selangor)


AoD is the most memorable camp that I’ve ever attended. I’ve met people from different places, ethnicities and religions around Malaysia. We discussed a lot of things about identity, personality, stereotypes, refugees and others. I still can’t forget all the experiences that I’ve been through with my friends and facilitators.

Nurul Afiefa binti Mohamad Kamal (Perak)

Partnership with Closing the Gap Residential Camp (May 2019)

I learned that competing to achieve a goal is really important, but most of all, compromising to achieve a goal together is more important.

Sushanthine a/p S. Vivekanandan


During the [session], I found that we actually accidentally ignored or missed out other groups' opinions. I found that during an argument, we need to always stay calm and listen to other opinions before applying our opinion towards it.

Gan Tian Beh