Our Work

Our Programme

Our programming consists of two main components:

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A Short Course condenses the UWC experience in a 1-2 week residential camp. AoD brings students from all over Malaysia of various socioeconomic groups during school holidays.

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AoD partners with other organisations to deliver one-off workshops to secondary school students (15-18 years old). These workshops focus on incorporating UWC values into existing communities.

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Our Theory of Change is divided into three sequential parts:

1. Who am I?

Empathy requires immersive, personal participation that calls into question one’s own background and biases. We foster an environment where participants engage in vulnerability and authenticity. The goal of this stage is the awareness of epistemological effects of our backgrounds that our relative positions in society informs and skews the perception of our surrounding.

2. Who is my community?

In this stage, participants engage heavily with each other as a mini-community. The goal is to build transparent and intimate connections with the other participants. Participants learn to suspend stereotypes and pre-judgement to form meaningful relationships with their peers. We facilitate this with both supervised and unsupervised avenues to share personal stories and reflect on societal expectations.

3. Who is my society?

Questioning society deals with the broader question of Malaysia and prepares participants to “re-enter” the real world. Participants engage in role- playing activities to experiment in mediation and resolution. They learn how to navigate group conflict in communities - essential skills to build successful societies. It is the hope that empathy will inspire participants to imagine a Malaysia that considers the various identities they have encountered.

Past Activities
18-25 AUGUST 2018

AoD kicked off with a week-long residential camp in Janda Baik, Pahang. We partnered with Teach for Malaysia and UNHCR to expand our recruitment.

  • Deliberate Diversity: 31 Form 4 students were fully-sponsored from all over Malaysia, representing various states, ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic classes.

  • Bilingual Instruction: All sessions and activities were conducted in both English and Bahasa Melayu to increase accessibility to all participants.

  • Post-Camp Engagement: Participants applied lessons from the Short Course to investigate issues of diversity in their own communities, culminating in a keystone project. They covered topics such as refugees in Malaysia, mental health and racial discrimination.

Visit the Short Course blog here.

28 MAY - 1 JUNE 2019

We delivered two main sessions in Closing the Gap’s residential camp to 33 Form 5 students from the B40 community.

  • Writing Workshop: Participants critically engaged with an object or memory they find important. By opening a safe space to share their personal stories, participants learned to articulate their own experiences as well as forming closer relationships with their peers.

  • Student Council Simulation: By assigning participants into groups with irreconcilable differences that have to work together to complete a task, they were forced to balance emotions while debating one another while communicating effectively with a disagreeing party. Participants learned how compromise and tolerance are crucial yet challenging values to uphold.