Malaysia's Temperature Check

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The “Malaysia’s Temperature Check” report was launched on 17 September 2020 as  a joint collaboration between Architects of Diversity, Undi18 and Results from a nationwide survey via’s online survey panel involving 1,027 Malaysians were used to produce this report.


For AOD, we hope this report helps guide public discussion and initiatives that seek to develop answers to challenges of living in diversity. The report explores public opinions on hot-button issues on topics such as education (the teaching of Science & Mathematics in Malay, matriculation quotas), social policies (criminalisation of homosexuality, treatment of immigrants and refugees), racial relations (discrimination in jobs and housing) and economic welfare (minimum wage, race-based economic assistance).

Download the report here.

For public perusal of interactive data, find the data dashboard here.

For researchers, download the data packet here.

Kem Muhibah 2019


Kem Muhibah 2019 was an interracial camp for secondary schools organised by ABIM and Dong Zong. Architects of Diversity supported the initiative by providing and executing our curriculum, as well as evaluating the intervention. We partnered with Dr Ananthi al Ramiah to conduct a longitudinal study on the efficacy of this programme using social psychological measures.

Read about the programme and its results on MalaysiaKini News Lab here