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Do you want to hone your skills and knowledge to become a leader of unity and peace? Join the Selangor Unity Ambassador programme!

Malaysia is rich with its society of various races, religions and backgrounds. Towards a more peaceful and inclusive Malaysia, bridges between different communities need to be built to foster a sense of unity and common purpose.

Majlis Perpaduan dan Integrasi Selangor together with Architects of Diversity launches the second series of Selangor Unity Ambassador program to hone the skills and knowledge of youth to beco
me leaders of unity and peace in their communities.

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We are looking for 56 Selangor Unity Ambassadors consisting of youth from various backgrounds who want to:

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As a Selangor Unity Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:

Build networks and friendships with youth of various backgrounds from all Selangor state constituencies

Participate in workshops and interactive discussions on conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion

Learn methods to curb conflict in multi-racial and multi-religious communities

Design and lead projects to foster the spirit of diversity and unity in your community

From May until November 2023, you will participate in workshops and implement field projects in your community following the timeline below:

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To apply, complete the application form at the link below:

Applications will close on 28 May 2023.

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