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Bridging communities and identity groups among youth in Malaysia for justice, peace and a sustainable future


Addressing the Diversity Gap in Malaysia

Malaysia is a divided nation. Various policies and practices since pre-independence have segregated Malaysians by race and religion, resulting in misunderstanding and conflict that run deep in society. We require structured ways to bridge communities, develop meaningful social ties from young and ensure Malaysia is a place that includes all identity groups.


We build spaces that facilitate interpersonal understanding and intergroup relationships through empathy, vulnerability and non-violent communication.

Empowering youth as leaders of Multicultural Malaysia

We run programmes for secondary school, college and university students that equip them with the experiences and knowledge necessary to navigate issues of identity, discrimination and conflict. Our activities use deliberate diverse, engaged and motivated communities in order to create a transformative experience for participants.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Malaysian Classrooms

We are innovating the ways educational spaces and communities can be more inclusive of students from different backgrounds. By working together with strategic partners, we are building a movement to ensure pedagogy and curricula work for every Malaysian.

Eradicating Identity-Based Discrimination in Education

Discrimination is a root cause of segregation and self-segregation that inhibits quality interactions among Malaysians from various groups. We conduct primary research, train youth champions and conduct advocacy for the greater understanding and adoption of anti-discrimination policies in education.

Building Structures for Inclusive Democracies

We run various initiatives that platform youth as innovators for a more inclusive Malaysia. By equipping youth with the knowledge on identity-based systems and providing a direct connection to public discourse, we are one of the leading civil society actors that combat polarisation between Malaysian communities. 

Our Partners



Building a Malaysia that everyone can call home.

We seek the support from the public to continue our advocacy and ensure our programmes remain completely free of charge for all our beneficiaries. Every ringgit goes to expanding the reach and depth of our impact in Malaysia.

Our Growth







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