About Us

What is Architects of Diversity?

AoD is a unique programme designed for secondary school students in Malaysia to tackle the hard questions of living in a multicultural society. Our future leaders need to learn how to navigate issues of stereotypes, privilege and conflict in this fast-changing world. We provide the tools to critically engage in sensitive conversations about race, religion and class through empathetic learning and listening.

Social stratification in Malaysia precipitates in almost every dimension - race, religion, economic class, geography, language and gender. Thus, we pioneer structured ways of bridging various communities and identities.

We firmly believe that empathy built through intimate interpersonal relationships across identity groups will create positive social dynamics for co-living.

UWCx Initiative, UWC Inspired

Architects of Diversity is a UWCx initiative, which means it has been recognised by UWC as furthering the UWC mission of making education a force for peace and a sustainable future. To find out more about UWC and UWCx, see here.”

We are inspired by UWC's distinctive educational model that uses deliberate diverse, engaged and motivated communities in order to create a transformative experience for students. In 2017, Malaysian UWC alumni initiated AoD as a platform to foster and adapt UWC values among Malaysian students. 

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

What is UWC?

The United World Colleges (UWC) is an international nonprofit organisation with a presence in more than 156 countries (national committees) that promotes peace and international understanding through multicultural education. Founded in 1962 and chaired by Queen Noor of Jordan, Nelson Mandela was honorary president until his death in 2013.

UWC has 17 schools spread across America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Each school has around 200 students representing over 80 different nationalities. For more information, visit www.uwc.org. Malaysians may apply at www.my.uwc.org.

Meet The Team

AoD is governed and advised by the UWC Alumni Association Malaysia. Our strong connection with the Malaysian UWC alumni community ensures that we remain close to the global UWC mission.

Adriana Nordin Manan

(UWC USA '03)

President of Alumni Association

Ng Sin Seanne

(UWC Mahindra '10)

Vice President of Alumni Association

Jason Wee

(UWC Costa Rica '16)

Lead Coordinator

A student at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs of Princeton University, Jason is involved with the UWC movement as a committee member of the UWC Malaysia Alumni Association. His passion lies in the development of interventionist methods to bridge Malaysia’s ethno-religious communities. Jason's research looks at the effect of institutional forces in influencing prejudice levels among schools in Malaysia. He is also a research assistant with the Arab Barometer.

Sanggeet Mithra

(UWC Costa Rica '10)

Lead Coordinator

Since 2014, Sanggeet facilitated and coordinated UWC Short Courses in Spain and Turkey and has dreamed of bringing the impact of these programmes home for young Malaysians. Her professional background is in curriculum development for youth programmes and public policy research. She studied political science and Spanish at Scripps College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance.


Architects of Diversity is a recognised UWCx initiative. We are governed by the UWC Alumni Association Malaysia, a registered organisation with the Registrar of Societies of Malaysia.


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