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Are you interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion? Are you an educator who wants to implement programmes benefiting your own learners?

AOD's beta resource page is the accumulation of the knowledge we have produced and facilitated throughout our programmes. In this page, you will find video lectures, presentations, papers and lesson plans. Use and reproduction of these material are allowed with attribution to Architects of Diversity Malaysia.

Youth Aspiration Manifesto Survey

As part of the #Undi100% campaign, the Youth Aspiration Manifesto Survey measures youth opinion on various contemporary policy issues to better inform political parties and policymaker.

Bridging Past, Present and Future

Explore how historical narratives have shaped modern conflicts in Malaysia today. Featuring capstone projects from participants that explore issues in their communities.

Hackathon Politik

Youth experiment with starting their own mock political parties to transcend racial politics in Malaysia. Discover lectures and debates for a more inclusive political landscape.

Rules of the Game

Electoral policies determine the behaviour of political actors. Youth develop new approaches at electoral policies to ensure fairer and more representative elections for Malaysians.

Sekolah Semua

Sekolah Semua is our campaign to eradicate identity-based discrimination in education. Learn more about the issue with our reports and join the movement for better schools.


Which politician uses the race and religion card in election campaigns? #KamiNampak is our youth-run volunteer initiative to monitor conflict rhetoric among political actors in elections.

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